Laptop Repairs

Laptop Repairs

Laptop slow to boot up and even slower to run? Paragon Consultants can speed up your system with disk cleanups, defragmentation, spyware removal, virus removal and connection repair.

When we visit your office or home to solve your laptop performance problems we come equipped to advise as well as fix: Paragon Consultants will make your laptop run the way you want it to. We can install extra memory, replace motherboards, remove unnecessary programs and offer advice and training on good computer maintenance practice so your laptop never goes slow again.  

Our laptop repair service is ideal if your laptop is no longer covered by manufacturer’s warranty. Here’s how it works:

Laptop Repair Steps:

  1. Simply contact us with a time that’s convenient for you to drop off the laptop including the charger (9am - 5pm, Mon-Fri) or we can arrange a collection.
  2. We then analyse the problem with your laptop, once we have found the problem(s) you will be contacted with the problem(s) found and the total cost of repair.
  3. You will be notified once the repairs are completed.
  4. We will arrange a day and time that is best for you so that you can collect your laptop OR we can arrange a day for delivery.
  5. You will have access to free remote support for 1 week following the date of repair to ensure that you are happy with the service.

If you decide not to go ahead with the repair then there is no cost (Desktops only, there is a £20 inspection fee for laptops).

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