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Business Servers

For the business owner, adding a server to your network doesn’t need to be a daunting task.

If you don't already have a server in your business, you're probably already using a desktop system as a server of sorts. Maybe it controls some files or printers that you can share with other PCs, but there are key differences between servers and desktops, and many good reasons to invest in a server for your small business.

Why have a server?

Almost all companies with more than a couple of staff will be able to benefit from a centralised server. In fact, we would recommend that a server be used due to the many benefits a server has to offer.

User Profiles

In a domain environment we can configure client computers and user accounts to enable users to logon to any PC on the network. This allows great flexibility within the office as a user's documents and settings can follow them from PC to PC. This has the benefit from a security perspective of being able to track who does what.


Providing a centralised information store for email, calendars, tasks and contacts, enabling instant information sharing and communication between users' PCs, laptops and mobile devices


Servers enable you to provide secure data access. Want to protect accounts data, only giving certain users access? No problem. You can specify who has access to data and when.


Plan for the future. Increase your storage requirements, add more users, more email accounts, remote users. A well planned server solution makes growing your business IT simple.

Other benefits include:

  • Centralised Backup
  • Remote Access

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