Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Paragon Consultants provides fast and affordable hard drive Data Recovery.

We can recover data from:

  • Any interface: (IDE, EIDE), Serial ATA (SATA), SCSI, SAS, and Fibre Channel.
  • Any combination of drives: single hard drive or multiple RAID drives.
  • Any hard drive brand.

There are two types of hard drive failure.

Logical software failure

The hard drive is in working order but some files or data cannot be accessed for logical reasons.

Possible causes of logical failures are accidental reformatting, viruses or incorrectly deleting files.

Mechanical failure

The hard drive is not functioning. Most usually caused by head crashes and motor failures.

Possible causes of physical failures are power surges, getting wet and being dropped.

Most common reasons for hard drive data loss

  • Power surges
  • Overwritten data
  • Physical damage
  • Natural disasters
  • Viruses

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